Welcome To Our Swim Program

Our Program

We have had a love for teaching children to swim since 1986. Our safety backed curriculum includes five incredible levels of advancement. The first three have a strong focus on teaching swimmers to be safe in and around the water while learning some basics, and the last two focus on a swimmer's stroke development. When your student achieves all five levels, they become a certified Safe N Sound Swimmer! We’re proud to provide instructors that have been trained and certified in our own Swim Instructor Certification program so you’ll receive the best instruction!

1-on-1 Lessons (Ages 2+)

Private lessons allow us to fully customize each lesson to your child’s needs. Lessons are only 15 minutes in length, which enables your child to pay full attention and not get fatigued. All lessons are taught in a nurturing way that motivates, builds self-esteem, and confidence. Our methods make swimming and survival muscle memory and effortless. After lessons with us, your Safe N Sound Swimmer will instinctively know how to roll onto their back and float when necessary. A swimmer floating on their back is a life-saving measure that enables them to rest, breathe and call for help giving rescuers precious time to rescue them.

Flexible Scheduling

We ensure our 1-on-1 lessons are tailored around your busy schedule so there is no need to arrange your schedule around a class. Simply select a day and time that works for you and your swimmer will begin to advance through our program!

Warm & Friendly

Our staff is the friendliest around, and our pool is a warm and inviting 88-degrees so your student can jump right in! We also offer a complementary towel service and keep extra bathing suits available if you forget yours at home. We’ve got all your needs covered!

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Client Comments


"My kids enjoy their swim lessons and show improvement from one week to the next."


"Wonderful staff and fabulous swim lessons. "


"Great instructors, very knowledgeable. While it's a drive for us to get to, my child's progress in the water says it all. Bonus not having to get in the water with the kiddos."


"Easy scheduling, friendly and quick assistance. The teachers are fantastic with all levels and personalities. Great place to

learn to swim!"

Our Levels of Progression




Sea Turtle



Water Safety (The S Levels)

We’ve created a unique program where the 3 Water Safety levels are identified by three sea creatures, Seahorse, Sea Turtle and Seal, making it fun for your student. We call these the 3 "S Levels" because S stands for Safety in addition to each level starting with the letter S. The skill focus for the S levels is learning how to become comfortable in the water and provide the swimmer with the skills to handle situations where they may be alone or in deep water, keeping them safe.


Seahorse swimmers are where it all starts in our program! They begin to learn the building blocks of swimming for years to come. Skills developed in this level include:


  • Comfortable putting eyes in the water

  • Breath control

  • Arm reaches

  • Leg kick’s introduction

  • Back float basics


Sea Turtle

 Once a swimmer has learned basic building blocks, they become a sea turtle. As a Sea Turtle, swimmers learn to move and navigate their way through the water developing skills such as:


  • Freestyle stroke basics

  • Flipovers - Safe N Sound's unique technique of moving from a resting back float to a freestyle position

  • Launches from the wall

  • Rescue basic - how to safely help a fellow swimmer struggling in the water

  • Deep End introduction



Next level up – Seal! As a Seal, a swimmer will confidently complete the safety essentials that include:


  • Rollbacks - Safe N Sound's unique technique of swimming and resting moving from free style swimming to floating

  • Backstroke - learn the backstroke swim stroke

  • Deep End intermediate skills such as kneeling dives


Certified Safe Swimmer


After passing the first three levels, your swimmer is given a water safety tests that includes jumping into the water fully clothed. This provides a lifelike experience for the swimmer in a situation if they were to fall overboard or off a dock. Once this test is passed, a swimmer is now considered a Certified Safe Swimmer!





Stroke Development

The final two swim levels focus on developing your swimmer's technique and endurance.


Dolphin swimmers have mastered water safety basics and become a Certified Safe Swimmer. At this stage, they will now focus more on developing strength, stamina, and techniques for proper swim strokes such as:


  • Freestyle (side breathing)

  • Breaststroke

  • Standing dives

  • Beginner Butterfly skills


Once the dolphin swimmer has proven these skills, they complete the dolphin level and advance to a Whale swimmer!


Whale swimmers are nearly finished with the Safe N Sound Swimming’s curriculum! Your swimmer works on advanced skills which prepare them for competitive and long-distance swimming as well life guarding, should they choose to. Skills gained at the Whale level include:


  • Intermediate and Advanced Butterfly

  • Treading water

  • Competitive starts and flip turns

  • Advanced technique for Backstroke, Freestyle, and Breaststroke

  • Distance swimming in a group including circle swimming

  • Endurance building by isolating certain stroke elements (i.e. kicks with kick board, side breathing with one arm etc)

  • Stroke development and refinement.

Certified Safe N Swimmer


Congrats! After passing all five levels a swimmer becomes a Certified Safe N Sound Swimmer! After this completion of all five, many of our swimmers go on to join competitive swim teams, play water polo, or become certified lifeguards. Most importantly, they are equipped and know how to be safe and enjoy the water.