Stroke Development

Stroke development is for advanced swimmers looking to improve their competitive strokes and build endurance.


Classes are available on weekday evenings.

Enrollment Perquisites:

  1. Swimmers must be at a Safe N Sound Swimming Dolphin or Whale level or equivalent.

  2. Must pass a complimentary evaluation. 

Our Dolphin and Whale swim levels focus on developing the swimmer's technique and endurance. 


Dolphin swimmers have mastered the water safety basics, becoming a Certified Safe Swimmer. They will now focus more on developing the strength, stamina, and techniques for proper swim strokes such as:

  • Advanced Freestyle with side breathing

  • Break stroke

  • Standing dives

  • Treading water

  • Lap swimming 

Once the dolphin swimmer has become proficient with these skills, they complete the dolphin level and advance to a Whale swimmer.


Whale swimmers are nearly finished with the Safe N Sound Swimming’s curriculum. Whale swimmers are working on advanced skills which prepare them for competitive and long-distance swimming as well life guarding. Skills gained at the Whale level include:

  • Butterfly

  • Competitive starts and flip turns

  • Distance swimming in a group including circle swimming

  • Endurance building by isolating certain stroke elements (i.e. kicks with kick board, side breathing with one arm etc)

  • Stroke development and refinement.