Private Pool Rental

You can book our pool for 

  • Private event

  • Birthday Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Underwater Photo Shoots

Family Pool Rentals

Get the family in the water for some fun pool time. Rentals are available and open to anyone, no membership required. 


We are currently offering 2 rentals - a shared pool rental and a private pool rental. 


Private Pool Rental – entire pool is yours to enjoy:

  • Swim time – 1 hour

  • Capacity – Up to 12 people who have been quarantining together or a few close friends

  • Entire Locker room. Currently, showers are not available for your group 

  • Available booking times:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 1:15pm 

    • Friday - 6pm and 7pm

    • Saturday: 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm


Pricing - $175


Shared Pool Rental – 1/2 of the pool reserved for your group:

  • Swim time - 45 minutes

  • Capacity – Up to 5 people who have been quarantining together

  • On deck changing stalls and limited use of locker room

  • Showers are still unavailable.

  • Available booking times:

    • Monday and Tuesday - 10am, 11am, and 12pm

    • Friday - 12pm, 1:15 pm, and 1:30pm

Pricing - $60

1 hour Pool Rental available outside of swim lesson times.