Safe N Sound Exclusive

Want to become a lifeguard but not sure if you pass the physical demands and swimming requirements of the certification course? This quick course is just for you.

Course Fee

If you are successful, we will apply the$29 fee to your Certification Course fee.

Course Description

In order to become a lifeguard, candidates must demonstrate a proficiency in swimming related abilities. All lifeguard candidates are required by the American Red Cross to demonstrate these skills known as Pre-Skills Requirements prior to beginning a certification course. Participants in this tryout course practice these physical skills required for enrolling in a lifeguard certification course. We HIGHLY recommend this course if you are not sure you can pass these skill requirements. There is no refund for candidates that fail the pre-course skills test. So, if you are unsure, take this tryout out course. 

Course Dates

Course Sessions

Practice Skills Covered

  • Swim 300 yards continuously using crawl stroke or breaststroke, demonstrating rhythmic breathing. (Must swim with your face in the water)

  • 2 minutes of treading water without using your hands. (Your head must stay above water)

  • Timed 10# brick retrieval in 8 feet of water. (20 yard swim, dive to retrieve object, swim 20 yards back - on your back - without your hands)

If you are successful at passing the pre-skill requirements, your $29 fee will be applied as a credit toward your Lifeguard Certification Course fee. If you are unsuccessful, your instructor will give you feedback and instruction on how to improve so you can pass the pre-skill requirements in the future.