Our Response to COVID-19

Our COVID-19 Safety Video

Please watch in preparation for coming to Swim Lessons

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United States Swim School Association survey finds no COVID-19 transmission occurring in swim schools nationwide.

The Pool Is Open

"Based on our recent survey of our swim school membership, 38,398 students have been swimming weekly for an average of 4 weeks. Those schools have had 1,959 staff currently working. While there have been 43 cases of COVID-19 positive exposures within swim school facilities, NOT ONE case has been traced back to a swim school.


We are finding that while students or staff may contract COVID-19 outside of the school, from family members or attending a party with friends, they are not found to be passing it along to those they have come in contact with while at the swim school before they knew they were positive. It would seem the health and safety precautions swim schools have put in place have been working.”


United States Swim School Association Member Survey

COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan


We recognize in these unprecedented times that cancellations may occur; even last minute. Cancellations are expensive and given that we have lost 3 months of revenues, we ask our clients to be patient and try to provide as much notice as possible when cancelling. We will do our best to reschedule and work with you but we may not be able to credit you the full amount of the lesson.


No Free Swim Area

Swimmers will not have access to a free swim area until physical distancing requirements are removed.


Family Swim

Due to physical distancing requirements family swim has been cancelled until further notice.

Showers Unavailable and Limited Locker Room Usage

Due to distancing concerns and lack of staff to adequately sanitize the showers after each use, our showers are currently unavailable to the public. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Safe N Sound Swimming has created a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan as required by Washington State Health Officials. 

Highlights of our Response Plan include:

Our response plan includes health screening procedures for staff and clients, hygiene practices, physical distancing guidelines, mitigation procedures to minimize the spread and recovery procedures should a confirmed case of COVID-19 affect our staff or facility.

Health Screening

We are no longer required by the State Department of Health to screen patrons and staff for CoVID-19 symptoms upon entry into the facility. We ask everyone entering the facility to follow the current CDC guidelines. If you are feeling ill and have COVID-19 like symptoms to please not enter the facility.

Hygiene Practices

Hand washing, sanitization and wearing of face masks are two important ingredients in keeping everyone healthy and safe in our facility.

Hand sanitization is required by the Washington State Department of Health for anyone entering our facility. Hand Sanitation stations will be available at the entry and exit points of the building.

Face Masks are once again required for all patrons and staff. Swim Instructors will continue to wear plastic face shields while teaching lessons. Swimmers should not wear face masks while in the pool.

Physical Distancing

Currently, the State Department of Health does not require social distancing while in the facility. Again, we ask patrons and staff to use common sense and try and avoid gathering in groups while on the deck. Distance when possible.


Safe N Sound Swimming is making every effort to keep our facility clean and safe and mitigate the chance of an outbreak or exposure to the  Coronavirus in our facility. As such, we are increasing our cleaning routines, providing disinfectants to wipe down frequently touched surfaces, closing certain parts of our facility to the public and creating traffic flows to minimize crowding.

Cleaning Routines

The facility will be disinfected each day prior to clients and swimmers entering the facility. In addition high touch areas such as doors, counter-tops, benches, sinks, faucets and toilets will have disinfectant supplies available for use at anytime. Staff will frequently clean these areas throughout our operating hours.

Facility Modifications

Due to State Department of Health recommendations, the following facility modifications are currently in place:

  • All showers are closed until further notice.

  • Towel service is discontinued.

  • Vending Machines unavailable.

  • There will be no front desk staff available until further notice. Clients are encouraged to contact our Client Experience team via email (scheduling@SNSswim.com or by calling us at 206-285-9279 or using our online tools). 


In the event there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the facility, Safe N Sound will implement the following procedures:

  • Send any staff or clients home that may be in the facility and exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Clear and cordon off the contaminated area for 24 hours.

  • Disinfect contaminated area with CDC approved cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Inform any potential staff or clients that may have come in contact with the confirmed case.

  • Protect staff and client health privacy by not disclosing personally identifiable information in accordance with HIPPA regulations. 

  • Work with County and State Health officials to implement any further action required based on the case details.


Please see our comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan for complete details.


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