About Us


Safe N Sound is a family-owned business, founded in 1986 by Kerrie Gordon. Growing up, Kerrie was a competitive swimmer. In high school, she was state champion in the butterfly and went on to swim for the University of Utah. She studied early childhood development in college and combined her two loves (water and kids) to start her swim school.

Starting in one lane of the Student Recreational Center pool at Seattle University, Kerrie taught lessons, answered phones, scheduled clients, and paid the bills. As word spread about her unique private lessons focused on teaching children how to be safe in the water, the demand grew.

After two years, it came time to hire her first employee. She hired Scott in 1988. Scott and Kerrie got along so well, they were married in 1989. Today, they have 6 children (7 if you count Safe N Sound).

Today, Safe N Sound Swimming employs nearly 30 full and part time employees and is approaching their one millionth swim lesson taught. 

Also, Safe N Sound is a Red Cross authorized provider and began offering Lifeguard, CPR/First-Aid certification training. "Safety in and around the water is our mission and mindset. Adding Lifeguard training was a natural extension of our mission" says Kerrie.

What started as swim lessons in one lane of a pool has grown into swim lessons, lifeguard training, and swim instructor certification training; "an accomplishment that makes me very proud," says Kerrie.

Our Mission

Safe N Sound Swimming's purpose is to teach children the life-saving skills of swimming and strive to develop self-esteem and proper, sound swim techniques through our instruction. Our business and teaching methods are built on trust, respect, and appreciation for the water, each other, and our community. We value warmth, adaptability, valiance, and enthusiasm.

Our Vision

Teach one million swim lessons and become the recognized industry leader delivering best-in-class, swim instruction and certification training. Establish the Safe N Sound Swimming curriculum as a standard of excellence that the industry embraces. Operate our facilities exemplary of our quality standards and conduct our business and training courses consistent with our shared values. 

Our Shared Values

WAVE is an acronym representing the company's shared values. We refer to our shared values as our Wave of Trust.


W - Warm

We strive to be friendly, polite, and helpful to our students, clients, and fellow staff members. Our pool is warm 88 degrees; making for a pleasant environment in which to teach and to learn how to swim.

A - Adaptable

One on One lessons provide flexibility to adapt the lesson to meet a students needs. Likewise, we strive to extend our adaptability into all aspects of the business. We strive to provide flexible scheduling, membership and payment options. We strive to provide flexible schedules for our part-time staff; many of which are pursuing their college degrees. 

V - Valiant

Perhaps considered an "old-fashion" word, Valiant means the act of possessing or showing courage, determination, persistence, and or bravery. It takes courage and persistence to help a student overcome a fear of the water, to enforce the safety rules or uphold company policy. Our valiance should always be tempered by our goal to be warm and nurturing manner. We don't want to traumatize students and clients in the process of learning to swim, to become a lifeguard or participating in our camp programs.

E - Enthusiastic

Teaching children takes energy. We strive to be positive in our discipline, optimistic in our views and to provide an appropriate level of energy and positive attitude to our job. We recognize that our role is of vital importance to the community; teaching and keeping our students and campers safe and learning to enjoy the wonders of water while recognizing the dangers it presents. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Nothing of significance was ever accomplished without enthusiasm."


Trust is the foundation of all our shared values. It is essential to establish our valued relationships with students, clients, business partners and fellow staff members. It takes trust for our clients to allow us to teach their child to swim or participate in adventure camp. Our partners like the American Camp Association and the American Red Cross trust us to maintain the quality standards set forth in their accreditation standards. Thus, we don't lower the bar to pass a lifeguard participant or compromise our camp safety rules for the sake of "fun" or to avoid embarrassment. Our client's and partners trust us with their personal and financial information which must be safe-guarded and held confidential. We recognize that human beings are not perfect and on occasion mistakes are made. When these occur, we respond quickly to "make it right" within our agreed upon company policies. 

Our Quality Standards


Safe is the first word in our company name. It is our primary focus. We want to teach our students how to be safe in and around the water as well as how to safely enjoy outdoor adventures and the wonders the Puget Sound has to offer. Safety is job #1. This is why we not only guard our pools with  American Red Cross certified Lifeguards but we are an authorized provider teaching others how to be lifeguards and lifeguard instructors. This is why we did the extra work to pass the over 120 safety and quality standards of the American Camp Association to become an Accredited Camp.


We want to always stay true to our roots; Safe N Sound Swimming started as a swim school. We started with the idea of teaching children how to be safe in and around the water. We do this in a nurturing way. To nurture means to care for and encourage the growth or development of our students, campers, participants and staff. We strive to provide an effective learning environment. We are not militant in our approach to learning to swim or become lifeguards. Nor are we harsh in our care of campers. We recognize that children in particular need boundaries to feel safe and to progress. As we establish these boundaries we seek to be a "firm pillow" and not an "abrasive brick". 


Safe N Sound strives to provide high quality services. Sound means healthy, in good condition, toned, fit, secure, based on reason and good judgement. Thus, we strive to provide healthy, effective, quality instruction, programming, and service. Our company policies and business practices are based in reason and sound judgment. We don't settle for mediocre, average or Ok. We strive for excellence.