Rachelle Carrillo

Master Instructor| Trainer | Human Relations Director

Hi Everyone!!

I was my sister Kerrie's first student so I guess I have been around in some capacity since the very beginning. I started swimming when I was a baby and as I grew up, Kerrie would often use me as a student to help train the new instructors. I swam on some summer leagues growing up and in High School my Freshman Year and went to Districts. I decided to teach swimming at SNS instead while doing a few other sports the rest of my High School career. I have been teaching for over 10 years.

I adapt my teaching style to each child, fun but structured. I am goal oriented and encourage confidence in each student.

My favorite childhood memories include playing in the water with my siblings growing up and having my father teach me how to water Ski. I specifically remember my dad telling me to not let go while water skiing and when I couldn't get up and fell over, I did what he told me and didn't let go. LOL He made sure to remind me that he meant only when standing not when I'm getting up on my skis. :-)

I love swimming and being out on the water. My favorite thing now is watching my kids start to grow and learn how to swim and expanding their love of the water too. I love to Craft and DIY, watch movies and play with my kids. I'm a sucker for chips and salsa but picking just one favorite food is so hard. I would say that I love all types of Mexican and Thai food!

I love Dolphins, they are such graceful and playful creatures! I love seeing them glide through the water and always swim together in large pods. My family and I have a dog named Luca, some people say he looks a little like Flacor from the Never ending story and I'd have to agree.