Kim Dixon

Swim Instructor

Hi Swimmers!

I love teaching swim lessons! I enjoy praising the student even with the smallest accomplishment to keep them motivated and on task. I also like to incorporate the child's imagination with learning new skills, something that they can relate to. An example might be when they are learning to float, I will often tell them to imagine themselves as a lazy leaf in the water or lying on their back on their bed at home, totally relaxed and unmoving. With big arm reaches, I might say to them to act as though they are eager to ask or answer a question in their class at school, how do they hold their arm?

I took lessons as part of an elementary school program when I was young. As a young adult for a physical fitness program, I was part of a Master's Swim program. I continue to incorporate lap swimming as part of my weekly workout routine, usually swimming between 4000-6000 yards a week.

I enjoy boating in the San Juan Islands. Kayaking in the Sound and lakes in and around Seattle. I also like cycling, swimming, kayaking, hiking, gardening, cooking & reading. My favorite food is Pizza and my favorite Sea Creature is a Star Fish.