Kaya Dieterich

Swim Instructor | Lifeguard

Hi All,

I started swimming at the age of 4 and took many lessons to improve my swimming skills, at the age of 7 I started swim team, more towards the age of 12 I started competitive swim team. Currently I'm on the girls high school swim team at Ingraham.

As far as my teaching style, I like to incorporate fun and teaching all in one so like a combination. I like to follow the lesson plan but there's always more you can do to make it more fun and worthwhile.

Personally swim team is my favorite water activity, but aside from that I love playing Marco Polo with others its such a fun game. My all time favorite food is a dish called Pad see-eew which is a traditional Thai noodle. Some of my personal hobbies include
-Going out with friends
-Working at service homes
-Going on bike rides
-Going to swim or play frisbee
-Traveling to other places
and playing with my neighbors

My favorite sea creature is probably a Sea otter because there so cute and I find it cool how they can float on there backs for so long. I would also say that I love dolphins and sharks those animals have incredible water skills.