Hannah Todd

Swim Instructor

My teaching style is paced and repetative. I make sure the child knows exactly what they are doing and are comfortable with doing it by themselves before moving them to the next level. I push for confident swimming while providing a friendly and fun environment. I was born in California and was surrounded by swimming pools and other bodies of water throughout most of my developmental stages so I basically grew up knowing how to swim. I have always been a water baby and loved being in any kind of water, including playing in the kitchen sink and washing dishes to my parents delight. As for swim instructing, I have been at Safe 'N' Sound for over a year now. All of my favorite memories include my family as I am a very family oriented person. I absolutely loved doing anything arts and crafts related, as well as having pool parties with my family and especially my cousins. As I child, I moved around a lot but enjoyed exploring every new place we lived. I love going speedboating and having fun on the intertube! And I love Curry Chicken.