Haileigh Knutsen

Aquatics Manager | Sr. Swim Instructor | Receptionist

Hello All

I started mommy and me classes at 6 months, at 18 months started swim classes at SNS with Kerrie and her Mom. I went up through all of the swim levels for red cross, eventually joined a summer swim team at 6/7 years old. My strokes were freestyle and butterfly. I eventually started the WAC year round swim team and swam on two summer swim leagues, Seattle and Bellevue. I swam in high school my freshman year and earned a varsity letter.

I would describe my teaching style as multifaceted. I really enjoy demonstrating a skill for those who understand that way, but I like understanding how the kiddos learn in general so we always try to work it out! This process works best with an attitude that wants to learn, but adding in silliness and fun helps most to warm up and engage in the lesson. I do believe in pushing a child to exceed what they think they are capable of. Cheerleading and positive reinforcement goes a long way when some are caught up in their fears and need help proving to themselves they really “can“.

I really love all activities in the water! I really love jet skiing and boating/inner tubing. I am an absolute foodie! I love exploring and experiencing different cultural foods! My most favorite food is probably... Steak! And sushi... and any red sauce pasta... Middle eastern food... Greek... don’t make me pick!!

One of my most favorite childhood memories is when we went on a vacation to Atlantis when I was 9 and that probably my favorite vacation. I also enjoyed Hawaii vacations for the sun, ocean, and snorkeling. I love water!