Chad Sommerville

Swim Instructor

Howdy Swimmers

Swimming is supposed to be fun!!! So I like to encourage my swimmers to have fun with our new techniques. I find that the occasional "wiggle party" is a great way to stay focused on our lesson while still being silly and fun!

I grew up in my neighborhood pool. Stockton was always super hot in the summers, and so more often than not you could find me working on my dives. I spent the entire Summer when I was 12 teaching my younger brother and sister everything I knew about being in the water.

My favorite memories growing up were spent in the woods under the stars. I would go camping every chance I got, whether it was with my family, friends or my scout group. One year I went rafting with my scout group and we had some of the most fun I ever had!

I LOVE to play diving games in the pool! It's so much fun swimming beneath the water, it's like a different world down there! I love acting, singing, dancing and juggling!!!

My favorite sea creature is the blue-ringed octopus. They're masters of camouflage and adaptability! I have a handsome little black cat named George! He loves to run around in our backyard and then take a long nap on my bed.