Cassidy Holbrook

Swim Instructor

Hello All,

I swam on a team in high school as well as 2 years in college. My strokes were freestyle and butterfly! I also have taught swim lessons at other pools for a total of about 2.5 years.

When I teach I try to teach with a positive energy that is encouraging and engaging for my students! I also like to demonstrate to my students right away that I can be very fun and exciting, but I also like my rules to be followed. I love to have my student sometimes help with the plan of a lesson so that they can take ownership of their lesson as well!

I really enjoy swimming laps to clear my head sometimes! I also just enjoy being on or near the water, whether its kayaking on a lake, or playing volleyball at the beach! Going on boat rides is also a very fun time.

My sister and I played a lot of games in the yard using our imagination, like pretending our bikes were horses! I also love the memories I have of going to my grandparents cabin on the lake and spending a weekend up there with my family. We would swim in the summer and go skiing in the winter and it was always a great time!

I like to snowboard in the winter and I have recently gotten back in to reading lots of books. I also like to play card games with friends and jamming to music in the car! I just learned to knit as we'll see if that becomes a new hobby. I love mashed potatoes, or potatoes in any form and I adore ice cream. I will eat ice cream any time during any season and any flavor! (preferably chocolate though).

I think dolphins are very cool and fun! I wouldn't also mind seeing what's it's like to be a mermaid and exploring the sea. My family has a small dog named Ollie! He is super energetic and doesn't always listen very well, but he can be super fun to play hide and seek with.