Brian Hendricks

Aquatic Manager | Sr. Swim Instructor | Lifeguard Instructor

Hi Swimmers!!!

I was on a swim team for one year back in 2009, and outside of that I’ve enjoyed swimming throughout my life casually. In terms of my teaching style, I believe in rewarding hard work with fun. Typically I don’t always mix hard work and fun as it can be distracting to most students, so I put the hard work first and save the fun for the end of the lessons. I’m always trying to adapt new ideas and teaching styles for different kids as I get to know them too!

Outside of the pool, I love playing video games, watching movies and TV shows, and hanging out with my friends. One of my favorite traditions throughout my childhood was going to Water World back in Colorado every 4th of July and then seeing fireworks back at home. My favorite food is steak and my favorite sea creature is a dolphin!!