Keeping Safe N Sound Healthy During The Coronavirus Outbreak

April 10, 2020

Safe N Sound is taking steps to protect our swimmers and clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Pool Water
Every day, we take sanitary pool water very seriously regardless of any disease outbreak. We use a 4-factor sanitary method to treat our pool water. First, we treat our water with Chlorine. Chlorine is proven effective at killing most biological pathogens including COVID-19. Most importantly, the nature of Chlorine is that is stays dissolved and present in the water which means as soon as a pathogen is introduced into the water, the chlorine chemicals begin attacking its cell structure rendering it inactive.

Second, we use a medium pressure, ultra-violet light which kills 99.6% of all pathogens as soon as the water passes by the light. The ultra-violet light treatment is part of our cleaning and disinfection process in our pump room and is a great safety net for water sanitation.

Third, we use an oxidizer enhancer product that essentially boosts the power of the chlorine already in the pool water. Oxidization is the process by which chlorine attacks pathogen cells. The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is the measurement of the power or potential for killing pathogens in the water. The World Health Organization has found that an ORP of 650 mV will virtually, instantaneously inactivate bacterial and viral pathogens. Safe N Sound maintains an ORP between 820 to 840 mV. Thus, our pool sanitation exceeds WHO standards by at least 25%. As a result, our pool is cleaner and healthier which has the added benefit of less chlorine smell (chloramines escaping in the air) leading to cleaner and healthier air in the facility as well.

Finally, we use a natural enzyme that consumes any biological contaminant left behind from the chlorine chemical reaction which improves water clarity and is more environmentally friendly. Thus, our pool water is very safe to work and play.

Staff and Client Health

Stay home if you are not feeling well
We have asked our staff to error on the side of caution. If SNS Staff members present any cold or flu like symptoms including, high fever, shortness of breath or cough, they are asked to stay at home until a medical professional clears them to return to work.
This approach may result in last minute cancellation of lessons as a sub may be hard to find. We ask for your patience and understanding and please know our priority is to keep our staff and clients safe and healthy.
Likewise, we ask that if you or your student have similar symptoms that you cancel your lessons until you are symptom free.
Wash Hands Frequently. Use Hand Sanitizer provided in the facility
We are asking staff and parents to prioritize hand washing when arriving at the pool or anytime, they have used the restroom. These are always good habits, and critical to the containment of the disease.
Elbow Bumps
We also recommend elbow or fist bumps to handshakes or high-fives. We have reminded our instructors to avoid swimmers spitting, coughing or sneezing in their faces while teaching.
Common Area Cleaning
We have increased our cleaning rotation of common use areas. Our staff are prioritizing bathrooms, the lobby, front desk, pool benches, the breakroom, door handles, and emergency bars on doors, etc. In addition, we have increased the frequency of our nighttime deep cleaning. If you see problem areas, please alert the Aquatic Manager so we can address it immediately.

COVID-19 Symptoms or Contact Response
If a student, client or staff person is lab confirmed positive for COVID-19 and has been in our Safe N Sound facility, we will:
Notify staff and clients that may have been directly affected.
Work with Public Health – Seattle and King County to determine if closure is required.
Follow guidelines of public health officials to ensure our facility is safe for public use.
If the CDC requires quarantine of a staff person or client who is not ill but may have been exposed and has been in our facility, we will:
Inform staff, families, and associates that may have been exposed.
Continue our specialized and extensive cleaning of the pool and surrounding areas.
Consult with public health officials to determine if the facility needs to close for deeper cleaning.