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Ages 2 to Adult

Your Premier Seattle Swim School

1-on-1 swim program

No matter your swim skill level, Safe N Sound Swimming is here to help you in your swimming journey. We offer private 1-on-1 swim lessons for children ages 2+ and adults. Our lessons focus on water safety and proper swim technique to ensure you have the most optimal learning experience. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with certified instructors in the Safe N Sound methodology and curriculum. Each lesson is 15 minutes in length and fully optimized around your student's endurance and attention span. Adults and older children may schedule 30-minute sessions. With our 1-on-1 swim lessons you’ll have all the benefits of a safe, nurturing, and sound experience.

Customized Lessons With the Most Flexible Scheduling!

Our lessons are available six days a week! 1-on-1 lessons with our friendly and certified instructors is the best way to learn about you or your child’s needs and level of experience, then customize the perfect swimming lessons!

Private swim lessons are also a great way to increase comfort level and overcome the fear of water for hesitant swimmers. Maybe you’re a former athlete who wants to learn about lower-impact exercise solutions. No matter the case, we make it easy to learn by providing flexible scheduling options that fit around your busy schedule.

Our Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm

  • Saturday: 9am - 4pm

  • Sundays: Closed


Warm Pool and Friendly

Certified Instructors

When we say warm and friendly, we mean that both literally and figuratively. Our pool is always kept at a warm 88 degrees, keeping your students comfortable throughout the lesson so they can fully focus on learning. Our experienced instructors are all certified instructors who love teaching people to swim. At Safe N Sound Swimming, we have a passion for teaching and empowering students to excel while remaining dedicated to providing a warm, adaptable and nurturing environment for learning. 


Private Pool Rentals

Want to have the entire pool to yourself? Enjoy the opportunity for you and your guests!


  • Swim time: 1 hour

  • Capacity: Up to 12 people 

  • Amenities: Entire Locker room and showers are available for your group 

  • Available booking times:

    • Wednesday: 1:15pm

    • Friday: 6pm and 7pm

    • Saturday:  2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm

  • Price: $175​


Shared Pool Rentals

We like options at Safe N Sound Swimming, share your pool rental and reserve half of the pool for your group:

  • Swim time: 50 minutes

  • Capacity: Up to 5 people

  • Amenities: On deck changing stalls and limited use of locker room

  • Available booking times:

    • Monday, Tuesday: 10am, 11am,12 pm

    • Friday: 1pm

  • Pricing: $60


Enroll or register for our award winning, best in class, private, one on one swim lessons today. Best swim lessons in Seattle. Seattle's premiere swim school offering award winning lessons. 


It all began with a young girl's love for the water


Safe N Sound Swimming was founded in 1986 by collegiate-level, competitive swimmer Kerrie Gordon out of her love and passion for the water. As a mother of six children, Kerrie has always had a deep focus of keeping children safe in and around the water. She values proper swim skills and stroke development. In starting her swim school, she combined all of these elements into Safe N Sound Swimming. Thus, our company name says it all; Safety first taught in a Nurturing way based on Sound swim techniques.


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